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Anti-racism network launches campaign for Lydia Dosu

On January 31, 2023, the York administration fired Lydia Dosu, a Black woman who has worked at York University for over 24 years.

In 2019, Lydia filed a complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), regarding her experience of anti-Black racism and discrimination in the workplace at Glendon College.

Lydia's complaint, which remains unresolved, is just one of at least eight known HRTO applications about anti-Black racism at York in recent years.

In its termination letter, York made the outrageous claim that Lydia represents a "health and safety risk" to other (non-Black) employees for filing complaints about anti-Black racism.

York based its decision on a report by an investigator who is facing allegations of anti-Black racism and discrimination at the HRTO since 2020, along with York University President Rhonda Lenton and other senior administrators.

Read more about Lydia's complaint here.

The Campaign Against Anti-Black Racism is supporting Lydia's fight for reinstatement. Like her, we are sick and tired of seeing Black people lose their jobs as retaliation for speaking out against anti-Black racism.

Sign this petition now and demand justice for Lydia, and for all Black people at York University.

The Campaign Against Anti-Black Racism is also raising funds to support Lydia and her family while she is without income.

Please donate to this fundraiser, and help ensure that Lydia can keep paying the bills while we continue the fight to get her job back and win her justice.



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