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Hands off Prof. Avolonto!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Stop anti-Black racism at York University!

Dear friends,

Your solidarity is urgently needed for Prof. Aimé Avolonto, a Black professor at York University who is facing termination by President Rhonda Lenton following public comments he made to the media about anti-Black racism at York. President Lenton first tried to fire Prof. Avolonto in August 2020, but has renewed her attempts in the wake of Prof. Avolonto's appearance on The Fifth Estate broadcast of "Black on campus" at the end of February.

Since filing a complaint about anti-Black racism in 2017, Prof. Avolonto has faced a wave of retaliation, harassment, and mobbing, including by administrators and their designates.

Systemic anti-Black racism is nothing new at York University, but what is different about this case is Prof. Avolonto's refusal to back down and his insistence on having his own complaints about anti-Black racism heard, despite York's attempts to cover them up.

We must do everything we can to help him win his case.

Here is how you can help Prof. Avolonto: 1) Sign this petition.

Demand that York cease termination procedures against Prof. Avolonto and reinstate him immediately. After you sign it, please ask others to sign.

It provides a comprehensive overview of his case. After you read it, please share it widely.

3) Watch The Fifth Estate's "Black on campus."

It's just 21 minutes. After you watch it, please share it widely.

For some recent coverage of Prof. Avolonto's case, please check out this news item that appeared on CBC's The National on April 8.

4) Pass this resolution. Issue a support statement.

If you're a member of a student union, trade union, faculty association, Black community organization, or any other group, pass this resolution [add link] in support of Prof. Avolonto's case. The show your support publicly by issuing a statement of support.

Check out other statements of support on this page [add link].

5) Generate support on social media.

Like the campaign's Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

For more information on how to support Prof. Avolonto, email



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